What's Your Next Chapter?

You've worked hard your entire life to get to the highest levels of your sport.

You've sacrificed A LOT to get where you are today. 
As your career in sports comes to a close, where will you go from here?

Let's face it - you know you need to start thinking about what’s next after sports but don’t know where to start. 

Do you wish you could hear from fellow athletes who have been in your shoes?

How about the opportunity to access to the best thought leaders, experts and executives on various industries? 

The good news: You've already taken the first step! You're here! 

TWN has the solution.

What would it mean if you had a place you could access these resources, conversations with experts and takeaways at any time? 

Welcome to the TWN Academy. The Academy is your go-to resource for life after sports.

You have a voice and a platform. Learn how to find your new purpose, explore your identity outside of sports and leverage that platform sports has given you to create a future for yourself.

40+ Hours of Video

Over 40 hours of pre-recorded content that can be accessed whenever you need it.

Connect & Network

Connect and network with athletes across college and pro sports who are prioritizing what’s next.

Explore & Learn

Explore your identity outside of sports, learn new skills and find out more about your other passions.

The TWN team and our experts are here to help you better understand the power you have and the experience you own to make a difference in your own life and the lives of those around you. 

This is your how-to on navigating the transition from sport to what’s next. 

Find your purpose in life outside of sports, make connections and start down the path to what’s next.