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You've worked hard your entire life to get to the highest levels of your sport.

You've sacrificed A LOT to get where you are today. 

As your career in sports comes to a close, where will you go from here?

You've already taken the first step: you are here! 
Congrats on investing in yourself and your future.
What would it mean for you if you could still have a team, game plan, and support system, even though your focus has changed from sports to the real world?

Our Tackle What’s Next Champion Membership helps you do just that.  

We’ve gathered together experts and mentors who are all committed to your success. As a Champion Member you’ll receive a strategic game plan to reach your goals, and a structure and playbook for you to win in your next chapter.

Life after sports can seem daunting and overwhelming. And some of you may be saying, I don’t even know what my next chapter will look like.
You aren't alone! 

The unknown can be scary, but it can also be an opportunity to learn more about yourself and where you want to be after your athletic career is over. We work with you to craft what that next move should be. 

Start here.

The transition from sport to what’s next can be overwhelming for everyone. We're here to help you find the positives and the exciting aspects of your next chapter. 

We work with you to craft a personalized game plan for you to succeed in life after sports. 

It's never too late (or too early) to start thinking about what's next in your life.

Hear from our members! 

"Before joining the TWN Champions program I was not fully stepping into my CEO power and owning that I am an authority. I was playing small in my business and it was holding me back. I now embody the CEO and owner of my business in a way that feels so aligned and authentic.

I learned that in order to be what I believe I can be, I have to begin responding, acting, and believing in myself in a way that cannot be shaken. Danielle loves her clients and community. That is what sets her apart from many others in the industry. She gives her all and genuinely wants the best success for each individual. The program is worth far more than the investment."

Dr. Nikki Clifton
The Sports Culture Coach


"TWN has given me the ultimate wake up call alongside a great group of accountability partners that have not only allowed me to hold myself accountable but stretch in areas where I needed the most support. The Champion program empowers you to shift to the next phase of your life through 1-1 accountability sessions and peer to peer connections."

Toccara Renee
Entrepreneur; Pro Basketball Player

What You Get:

Tackle What's Next recreates a sense of team and camaraderie for athletes to find their purpose. We aim to disrupt the cycle of depression and loss of identity for athletes in life after sports. 

From live events to online content and live workshops, our team is here to support you in your next journey- even if you aren't quite sure what that is yet. 

You may already be part of other communities for athletes, but with Tackle What’s Next, we craft a winning strategy unique to you and we’ve created a platform for you to reach your goals.

Our mission is to help you reach your highest potential. 

By joining us as a Tackle What’s Next Member, you will:
Set goals to keep you moving forward
Have a built-in accountability and support system with your peers
Find work and create business opportunities
Build income
Grow your network
Create a game plan to navigate your transition

We are here to create YOUR winning game plan for life after sports and provide the structure you need to reach your goals and “tackle what’s next”.

Our Tackle What’s Next Champion Membership includes:
Weekly mastermind check-ins ($6,000 value)
Monthly 1-1 sessions ($3,600 value)
Exclusive access to live workshops and calls with industry experts ($4,800 value)
PLUS the great content and resources you’re already getting from us like our virtual summit.  

We’re NOT going to give you a bunch of generic “how to” videos that you’ll never watch. We want to provide you the information that you need NOW to be successful. Your feedback is important so we can continue to add value to our community and make it even stronger.

All of this value is usually worth $1200 a month, but we are committed to your success.
That’s why we’re bringing you our Champion Membership for just
$97 A MONTH!!

And because we want you to suceed, you get your
FIRST MONTH for just $30!

Whether you are still competing, recently retired or about to leave the game, #TeamTWN can help you find success in life after sports. 


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