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Mariel Miller

Founder, The Franchise Advisor 

Mariel Miller is an award-winning franchise advisor with almost 30 years experience. She works with professionals who desire to build wealth with semi- absentee business ownership, and those looking for career alternatives.

Malcolm Lemmons

Founder, Players Point Sports

Malcolm is a former professional athlete turned author and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Players Point Sports, an athlete development platform that is focused on helping athletes achieve success in and out of sports. 

Mark Moyer

President, Tackle What's Next 

For the past 20 years, Mark has been coaching current and retired athletes into their post-sport endeavors, and advising a wide array of entrepreneurs and businesses on how to expand their customer base, market visibility and increasing their bottom lines.  

Danielle Berman

Founder & CEO, Tackle What's Next

Danielle works to provide athletes of all ages, sports and circumstance the opportunity to focus on what’s next in life after sports. She founded Tackle What's Next with the goal of providing athletes with a safe space to discuss the challenges of career transition out and  sharing resources that can help.  

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