Tackle What's Next

Welcome to Tackle What's Next, the premier community and support team for athletes transitioning from sport to what’s next. We recreate a sense of team and camaraderie for athletes to find their purpose and create impact in life after the game.

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Events & Workshops

Our unique and insightful events aim to provide resources and actionable takeaways for you to game plan for your next chapter. Hear from fellow athletes and executives in various industries on how they navigate life after the game.  


Accountability & Team Support

Through our Champion membership, we provide connection, built-in accountability and camaraderie with others prioritizing what’s next. Enjoy weekly mastermind check-ins with your fellow members to collaborate, share ideas and overcome challenges.


Career Development Resources

TWN is here to help you master the transition from sports to what's next - from resume support to interview prep, plus hours of content from athletes and execs sharing best practices and advice for navigating the transition. 


Philanthropy & Community Impact

Through our innovative Impact Incubators program, you'll better understand the influence you have to create positive change. Learn how philanthropy and activism can serve as powerful tools for you to create relationships, establish brand authority and find passions outside of sports. 


Online Events and Livestreams  

Tackle What's Next gives you the tools you need to achieve your goals wherever you are in the world. Our online summits, livestreams and workshops connect you with fellow members and athlete peers and allow you to meet and network with industry experts from all over.

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The Tackle What’s Next Academy is an innovative online community and resource network for athletes, sports executives, and corporations to learn how to navigate the opportunities and challenges of athlete career transition.


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