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Athlete Entrepreneurship Virtual Summit

October 21 & 22, 2021











Welcome to Tackle What's Next, the premier community and support team for athletes transitioning from sport to what’s next. We recreate a sense of team and camaraderie for athletes like you to find your purpose and create impact in life after the game.

Build a game plan to prioritize YOU in what's next.

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Events & Workshops

Our insightful events provide resources and actionable takeaways from fellow athletes for you to game plan for your next chapter.

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TWN Training Room

This is your resource to get ahead on your next chapter - from resume support to hours of content from athletes sharing advice for navigating life after sports. 

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Accountability & Support

Through our Champion membership, we provide connection, built-in accountability and camaraderie with others prioritizing what’s next. 

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For Teams & Organizations 

Learn how we can help your team or organization empower your athletes to prioritize themselves in life after sports. 

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Philanthropy & Community Impact

Our impact incubator program helps you better understand the influence you have to create positive change. Learn how philanthropy and activism can serve as powerful tools for you to create relationships, establish brand authority and find passions outside of sports.
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Online Events & Workshops

Tackle What's Next gives you the tools you need to achieve your goals wherever you are in the world. Our online summits, livestreams and workshops connect you with fellow members and athlete peers and allow you to meet and network with industry experts from all over.

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Content & Storytelling

Through storytelling, the power of conversation and sharing perspectives, we at TWN open doors, build connections and inspire and motivate athletes to leverage their athletic experience into opportunities for what’s next. We dive into both the challenges and the many opportunities available to every single athlete in his or her next chapter.

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The Tackle What’s Next Training Room is an innovative online community and resource network for athletes, sports executives, and corporations to learn how to navigate the opportunities and challenges of athlete career transition.

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