Welcome to Tackle What's Next, the premier community and support team for athletes transitioning from sport to what’s next. We disrupt the cycle of identity loss for athletes in life after sports and recreate a sense of team to help them find their purpose.


Danielle Berman

Founder & CEO

Danielle has dedicated her career to helping athletes understand their potential. Her focus on the athlete as an individual rather than a cog in the sports industry machine has created unique opportunities and impact in the sports space.

She has worked primarily with athletes, both current and retired, for nearly a decade and is passionate about helping them achieve their goals outside of sport.

Danielle works with nonprofits in various sectors, and aims to educate athletes and nonprofits on how to work together to create social impact. 


Kelsey Smith

Partnerships & Events Manager

Kelsey supports Tackle What's Next with event logistics, partnership opportunities and more. She graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Sport Management and a minor in Global Political Economy in 2020 and was the recipient of the Sport Management Professional Engagement Award.

Kelsey played soccer competitively growing up and continued to play during her first two years at Syracuse for the women's club team. 


Kalli Scherlis

Head of Content

Kalli is the creator of all our digital content at Tackle What's Next. From event materials to social media graphics to videos, Kalli helps amplify our message and create a platform for athletes to share their journeys in life outside of sports. 


Ethan Kenney

Marketing & Events Intern

Ethan supports Tackle What's Next with our marketing and events. He works on event logistics, marketing outreach, and our content series. Ethan is currently a Graduate Student at GWU and earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan. 

He has experience working with professional and college teams serving as a marketing and youth basketball intern with the Washington Wizards and as a manager for Michigan and GWU's Women's basketball teams. 

Ethan seeks to provide education and support for the mental health of athletes.