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Welcome to Tackle What's Next, the premier community and support team for athletes transitioning from sport to what’s next. We recreate a sense of team and camaraderie for athletes like you to find your purpose and create impact in life after the game. 

We build a game plan to prioritize YOU in what's next.


Danielle Berman

Founder & CEO

Danielle has dedicated her career to helping athletes understand their potential. Her focus on the athlete as an individual rather than a cog in the sports industry machine has created unique opportunities and impact in the sports space.

She has worked primarily with athletes, both current and retired, for nearly a decade and is passionate about helping them achieve their goals outside of sport.

Danielle works with nonprofits in various sectors, and aims to educate athletes and nonprofits on how to work together to create social impact. 


Olivia Peters

Marketing & Events Manager

Olivia supports Tackle What’s Next with marketing, events, partnership research, and administrative tasks. She is currently a graduate student at Georgetown University and recently graduated from the University of Delaware majoring in Sport Management. She has experience in alumnae relations for the UD athletic department as well as operations for the UD football team. She hopes to work in the nonprofit and community relations sector of sport as well as athlete development. Olivia also grew up playing basketball and volleyball.


Kalli Scherlis

Head of Content

Kalli is the creator of all our digital content at Tackle What's Next. From event materials to social media graphics to videos, Kalli helps amplify our message and create a platform for athletes to share their journeys in life outside of sports. 


Alexa Schlitt

Social Impact & Development Intern

Alexa supports the social impact side of events and series. She works on the equity series, finds new ways to engage in social responsibility, and helps connect with the community. Alexa grew up in LA playing basketball, volleyball, and track and field. She is an incoming junior at Syracuse University, majoring in Sport Management with a minor in Political Science. Alexa was VP of community relations for the Sport Management Club and is currently Donations Committee Co-Chair for the Sport Management Club's 2022 Sports Charity Auction.

She has experience in policy and interest group research and is currently working on research surrounding athlete exploitation and the ethicality of the NCAA and NBA, working to find ways for leagues and teams to holistically represent their athletes and the communities they come from.


Christian Buonadonna

Marketing and Events Associate Intern

Christian (he/him/his) is a senior at Syracuse University studying for a bachelor's degree in Sport Management with a minor in Business. He is also a resident advisor for the Syracuse football program and the Syracuse men's and women's basketball programs. Christian grew up in the Philadelphia, PA-area where he practiced and competed in Tang Soo Do, a Korean martial art, for eight years. Christian aspires to create change and help others less fortunate in the sport industry find their voice because he has served on many diversity, equity, and inclusion committees at Syracuse University.


Isabel Patterson

Business Development Intern

Isabel is entering her final semester as a graduate student in the Sports Management program at George Washington University. She has experience in start-up companies as well as a background in non-profits and looks to support the growth of TWN in all areas. She looks forward to working in player operations after graduation as well as guiding athletes towards developing a healthy lifestyle outside of sports.