Learn from fellow former and current athletes about their journeys.

What has sports meant to them? How have they navigated life after sports? How do they aim to create impact on what matters to them?

Gain advice and insights to prepare you for what's next in your own life.


Timeout with TWN

an IG LIVE Series

Call a timeout in your busy week and join us Wednesdays at 6pm EST LIVE on Instagram (@tacklewhatsnext) as Danielle chats with athletes and execs about the impact sport has made in their lives and what lessons they’ve taken from sport into their different endeavors. #TWNTimeout

Big League Philanthropist Podcast

with Danielle Berman 

The Big League Philanthropist podcast shares stories of athletes and nonprofits using the power of sports to change the world.

We aim to highlight the positive work that athletes are doing in the community. From running foundations to investing in sustainable community projects, athletes are doing amazing work to make the world better.

In each episode we’ll discover what inspired these athletes to get involved in their philanthropic work and what motivates them everyday to keep going. We’ll learn WHY they got involved and how we can help support their mission. 

Our Partnership with Open Goal Project

Since 2020, Tackle What's Next has had the pleasure of teaming up with Open Goal Project to run a self-discovery program during the OGP summer cohort program and skills camp.

Open Goal Project is an organization based in Washington DC whose mission is to create opportunities for young athletes from low-income families and underserved communities to access high-level soccer, to empower players and their families to navigate the costs and barriers associated with participating in youth sports, and use soccer as a vehicle for cultural enrichment, higher educational opportunities, and better life experiences.


Team TWN on the Mic

Check out the shows and interviews our team has been a part of and learn more about the work we do!


Baltimore Pacesetters Podcast

Danielle sits down with Chris Stoner of the Baltimore Pacesetters Network to talk about her career and work with Tackle What's Next.



Danielle talks with host Kevin "Kanodadon" Hampton to talk about her career path and journey to working with athletes off the field and building Tackle What's Next.


Sports Philanthropy Network Podcast

Danielle sits down with host Roy Kessel to talk about the benefits that sports philanthropy organizations can gain from aligning with athletes. 


The Sustainability Report

Danielle sits down with the Sustainability Report to discuss how athletes can be better supported as they transition into careers away from the field.



Danielle sits down with the Vice President of Chek, Scott Garber, as they discuss Tackle What's Next and how they are helping athletes transition into a new career. 


What are You Sporting About?

Danielle sits down with Sivonnia DeBarros, Protector of Athletes, on the What are You Sporting About Podcast to discuss helping athletes to create impact and our upcoming programs.


Thrive After Sports

Danielle chats with Taj Dashaun of the Thrive After Sports Podcast to discuss how she helps athletes harness their full potential and the unique opportunities in the sport space. 


A Frugal Athlete Podcast

In this episode, Amobi and Danielle talk about how athletes can successfully tackle what's next using the skills they already possess.


WalkOn Mentality

Danielle sits down with Michael Willett of WalkOn Nation to discuss the roots of Tackle What's Next and her work with student-athletes. 


Twins Talk it Up

Danielle sits down with Danny Suk Brown and David Suk Brown of the DSB Leadership Group on the Twins Talk it Up Podcast to discuss the the journey an athlete goes through when transitioning to life after sports.


Athletes to Athletes

Danielle sits down with Ryan Holmes & Reid Meyer of Athletes to Athletes to talk about the creation Tackle What's Next and how she helps athletes move to their next phase in life after competing. 



Subkit - Go Solo

Danielle was interviewed by Subkit around her entrepreneurial journey. She shares the biggest accomplishments and challenges she's faced as a business owner and her top tips for anyone looking to start their own entrepreneurial journey.


The Get Authentic with Marques Ogden Podcast

Danielle had the opportunity to join Marques Ogden on his podcast. They discuss the definition of authenticity, the importance of authentic relationships and what advice she has for athletes as they approach what's next in life after sports.


Giant Fundamentals Podcast

Jono the Giant interviews Danielle, highlighting the work that Tackle What's Next is doing to help athletes have the resources and community needed to transition out of the sport they play using the intangibles they learned while playing sports to succeed in their season of life.


Purpose: The Podcast

Danielle sat down with host Keith Sconiers, to chat about her journey into entrepreneurship, building TWN and her passion for sharing resources and building community around what’s next in life after sports for athletes.



Virtual Career Day Interview

Danielle sits down with former pro soccer player Qiana Martin to discuss her career as a consultant, working with athletes to make an impact off the field. 


Sports Philanthropy Network Webinar

In this presentation with Sports Philanthropy Network, Danielle walks participants through approaching athletes to form long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships.


Student Sport Philanthropy Symposium 

Danielle takes part in a discussion hosted by Champions for Philanthropy as they talked to students from across the country about social entrepreneurship.


Connect Over Coffee with Danielle Berman

Danielle sits down with the women behind Connect Over Coffee about her path in the sports industry. 


Sports Philanthropy Network Webinar

In this presentation with Sports Philanthropy Network, Danielle walks participants through approaching athletes to form long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships.


Be The Change: We Are All Created Equal 

Danielle takes part in a discussion hosted by Be The Change to discuss racial inequalities within the sport industry and broader society and how to support change.


SportsPro Insider Series

Danielle joins a panel discussion as the moderator with Blaine Scully, Darrel Young, and Lavonne Idlette to discuss the ways of successfully transitioning to life beyond the field.


The Juice: Emerging Leaders Council

Danielle joins some her fellow Syracuse Alumni and Emerging Leaders Council members for a discussion on the spirit of entrepreneurship.


Keenan Harrell Activism Project Media Interview

Danielle and Keenan Harrell discuss his Athlete Activism project. Each of his guests shared some important insights about the state of sports and the impact of athlete activism.


Women in Sports Business Conference

As an accomplished professional in the business of sports, Danielle speaks at the Women in Sports Business Conference about the New Voice in the Sports Industry: Working with Athletes


Podcasts we Love

Looking for a new podcast? Check out some of our favorites!

A Frugal Athlete

Hosted by A Frugal Athlete founder and pro soccer player Amobi Okugo, this podcast looks at the financial playbooks of pro athletes, gives insights on the meaning of being a frugal athlete, and discusses all things sports business.


The SHIFT Podcast

Hosted by former athletes Jonathan Van Horn and Wells Thompson, The SHIFT Podcast explores the opportunities within transition and shares stories of how elite athletes faced transitions both within and beyond their sport.


Thrive After Sports Podcast

Hosted by former college athlete turned athlete transition coach Taj Dashaun, Thrive After Sports helps athletes discover their new identity and life's direction. 


Players Point Podcast

Hosted by former pro athlete, entrepreneur, and author Malcolm Lemmons, Players Point discusses various strategies to help athletes in and out of the game and dives into how current and former pro athletes have created success for themselves.


What Are You Sporting About?

Hosted by former athlete Sivonnia DeBarros, the What Are You Sporting About podcast shares stories of business, employment, sports and entertainment to educate, support and guide you to your next level.


Black in Sports Podcast

Hosted by former athletes EJ Cutliff & MH, Black in Sports Podcast is giving a voice to the culture that is a mix of sports & business, interviewing the top professionals in the Game and in the Boardroom.