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Build a Growth Mindset Now for What's Next Feature

March 11 @ 8:30 pm EST

Join Sevwins and Tackle What's Next for a conversation on the importance of building a growth mindset both on the field and off of it.


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TWN Summit Series 

The Tackle What’s Next Summit is a must-attend event for athletes, sports executives, and corporations to learn how to navigate the opportunities and challenges of athlete career transition.

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Career Development

Every athlete goes through the struggle of having to find their passions outside of the game. Master the career transition journey successfully. 

Entrepreneurship & Business Growth

Athletes have unique leadership qualities that translate well into building their own businesses. Learn how to create your own path to success in life after sports.

Mental, Physical & Financial Wellness

Transitioning from athlete to what's next requires you to build an identity outside of your sport and your athletic abilities. Learn the importance of mindset change, creating healthy habits and financial planning. 

Philanthropy & Community Impact

Philanthropy is a powerful tool for athletes to create relationships, establish brand authority and find passions outside of sports. Learn about the opportunities available to athletes to make an impact.