3 Ways Athletes Can Quickly Create Additional Streams of Income

by Malcolm Lemmons

Making some side-money can help almost every athlete who doesn't make millions of dollars.

But there are certain factors that play into why most athletes don't.

Time is definitely one of them as most athletes operate every day usually with a packed, pre-made structured schedule on the table.

Knowledge is another thing that holds many athletes back from making side-money because they don't know the first place to look or go to learn about developing a new skill or hustle that can get them paid.

Well, I'm here to eliminate both of those things.

And furthermore, show you that time nor knowledge is an excuse when if you're really trying to get something.

If you're a low-level professional athlete, having a side-hustle can be the difference between you having to get a job and you wanting to get a job during the offseason.

If you're a college athlete, having a side hustle can simply give you some extra money to enjoy your college experience better or just help support your family.

Whatever your case might be, it doesn't hurt to learn how to make some extra money on the side while also having the opportunity to build something that might grow over time.

Here are 3 ways any athlete can quickly create an additional stream of income:


Being an athlete, you've already experienced certain things that other people haven't.

You've gone through a lot of failures, adversity and made many sacrifices. You also know what it's like to bond together with a group of people that share a common goal.

In other words, you can talk about things that most people want to know how to do or things that they can relate to.

This right here is something that is coveted by people who book speakers. People want to hear a message. People want your story. They want to know what they can learn from you that can improve their lives.

Going through all of this as an athlete, and being able to communicate it effectively can earn you money, regardless of whether you've accomplished a lot or not.

Former Michigan University basketball player, Austin Hatch has a story that most people wouldn't believe if they heard it. From losing his father & stepmother to surviving two plane crashes, he has been through unimaginable circumstances which also makes him appealing for speaking opportunities.

Because of what he's gone through, he recently just announced he's speaking full-time. His story is going to change a lot of lives.

But you don't need a story like Austin's to make money. You just need a message. Hone in on that. Make yourself available to schools, community centers, non-profit groups, etc...

And if you develop your craft, one day you could be speaking full-time instead of it being a side-hustle.

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This might something that you've heard about, but don't necessarily know how to go about doing it.

Reselling simply means getting something for low and selling it for a higher price than what you go it for.

As a former athlete myself, I got plenty of free gear, and shoes throughout my lifetime. A lot of that stuff is sitting in the basement of my mom's house right now untouched. Some of it was never even worn or opened.

I'm sure most athletes have things that they don't use anymore.

Think about how much stuff you currently have or can buy online that can be flipped for cold cash.

Why not take those things and make a profit off of them? You could sell your Jordans on eBay. Or flip your jerseys on the FaceBook marketplace. 

Even if you don't have that much stuff laying around, you can still hit yard sales, thrift stores, and auctions to find valuable things that people just no longer want.

It's not uncommon to buy something for $5 and flip it for $100.

That's a $95 profit for not that much work.

There are endless resell websites you could take advantage of which can drastically help you financially if you put in the research and work. Some people have been able to make a full-time living by reselling items.

Why can't you do the same?


Most high-level professional athletes host clinics and camps which can bring out hundreds of kids.

While you might not necessarily have the resources or means to do the same, you could periodically train a few kids to help them get better at your sport.

In fact, when I first came back home after college, this was something that I did during the summer to make a few dollars before I went overseas.

I was able to sometimes make $100 per one-hour session. Plus, the greatest thing is that you're helping another young athlete(s) develop their skills so they could possibly reach the level you made it to.

Paying it forward is always impactful.

If you can network well, and develop the know-how run a few drills, you could be making serious money over time.

Sports trainers have become as big of celebrities as the players themselves with guys such as Chris Brickley and Lethal Shooter in basketball.

And Steve Clarkson with football.

These guys make a lot of money being the go-to trainer for top-tier athletes.

I'm not saying you have to take it this seriously, but if you want to make some quick cash, put yourself out there on social media or on apps like CoachUp and find some kids whose game you can improve.

Final Thoughts

Making some extra money doesn't have to be complicated or hard.

Nor does it matter what you want to use it for. It could be to buy some holiday presents for your family, go to the movies, or to help your mother pay the bills as I have had to do in past years.

Whatever your situation is, don't let the excuse of being a busy athlete hold you back from getting what's yours.

You have the privilege of already having an established brand. Moreover, when you know how to leverage and develop it further, more opportunities to make money will show up.

Never let anyone tell you that you can't be both successful in your sport and out of it as well.

All it takes is a little time, effort and commitment to mastering something new.

Malcolm Lemmons

Founder & CEO, Players Point Sports

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