In Partnership with Encompass University

Transforming Stuck Relationships

A Special Workshop for You and Your Loved One

June XXth at 7:30pm EST

Join the Encompass Team...

For a conversation on sparking thriving relationships with our loved ones. 

Are you having a challenging time or experiencing a recurring issue with a family member, significant other, close friend?

Difficult times can take a toll on our close relationships. We have been isolated at home with our spouses, family members or friends and dealing with a lot of unknowns.

A little attention, new intentions, and a few simple tools used specifically for your relationships can rekindle earlier fires, catalyze higher states of connectivity, and tap into the next levels that your relationship has to offer.

In this workshop, gain some terrific insight into it, some ideas on how to address it, and even a way to turn it into a big upgrade for one another! 


Bring your loved one to this interactive experience and receive live assessment and tools to bring your relationship into a space of greater connection, communication, and collaboration.

Hear from and dialogue with two of the most cutting edge coaches and experts of radical transformation, Mark Scherer and Michael Matucci of Encompass U.

You'll gain clarity and insight into what is keeping your relationships in that place and how you can move forward. 

JUNE  @ 7:30 pm - 9pm EST


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