TWN Exclusive Livestream Series

Livestreams happens each month, Tuesdays at 12:30pm EST.

Have It Your Way!

Leveraging Your Time & Talent with the Right Franchising Model.


 YES! You can get in the game! 

Mariel Miller of The Franchise Advisor speaks on what franchising model is right for you.

Learn about the varieties of income replacement, career replacement & passive investing models in franchising.

Join TWN’s popular franchise resource, Mariel Miller to learn about the right franchising model for you!

  • Explore the affordable options generating 6-figures for owners.

  • Learn about 3 popular plays for execs, professionals & those with real people-skills.

  • Gain insights on today’s passive investing models.

  • Access the right model for your income & quality of life goals.

Attendees receive a free copy of the bestselling book Franchise MBA, resources and tools to get educated. 

(Upon request: a complimentary search and explanation of current top opportunities in your budget in your local market.)

Call or text Mariel today: 732-298-0900

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