Timeout with TWN

an IG LIVE Series


Call a timeout in your busy week and join us every Wednesday at 6pm EST LIVE on Instagram (@tacklewhatsnext) as Danielle chats with athletes and execs about the impact sport has made in their lives and what lessons they’ve taken from sport into their different endeavors.



Episode 6: Timeout with Qiana Martin

Call a timeout with Qiana Martin, former professional soccer player and founder of Eat Soccer.

Learn how sports impacted her life and how she transitioned to what's next.

Plus, hear how an unexpected ACL injury resulted in Eat Soccer.


Episode 5: Timeout with Ben Troupe

Call a timeout with Ben Troupe, former NFL Player and current ESPN radio host.

Learn how football provided a community of support that helped him grow and develop as a person both on the field and in life.

Plus, hear about what he’s been working on during quarantine!


Episode 4: Timeout with Malcolm Lemmons

Call a timeout with Malcolm Lemmons of Players Point Sports.

Learn about how basketball shaped who he is today and what skills he's using from sports in his endeavors outside of the game.

Plus, learn more about his new book, Impact Beyond the Game, and how he supports athletes in building influence and creating legacy!


Episode 3: Timeout with Akin Ayodele  

Call a timeout with Akin Ayodele of Eagle Rock Wealth Management and the Dream Builders Foundation.
Learn how being an athlete helped set him up for success and how he transitioned to being a financial professional and philanthropist.
Plus, hear how his experiences helped him in his various endeavors and his advice to other athletes in life after the game!

Episode 2: Timeout with Courtney Place  

Call a timeout with Courtney Place of SEE US Movement.
Learn how playing sports helped her build relationships and how she created the SEE US Movement.
Plus, hear how her experience as an athlete taught her valuable skills and her advice to other athletes in life after the game! 

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Episode 1: Timeout with Amobi Okugo  

Call a timeout with Amobi Okugo of A Frugal Athlete.
Learn how playing soccer impacted who he is today and what inspired him to start A Frugal Athlete.
Plus, hear how his experience as an athlete has opened doors to career opportunities outside the game!

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