Timeout with TWN

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Call a timeout in your busy week and join us Wednesdays at 6pm EST LIVE on Instagram (@tacklewhatsnext) as Danielle chats with athletes and execs about the impact sport has made in their lives and what lessons they’ve taken from sport into their different endeavors.



Episode 57: Timeout with Steve Davis, Jr.

Call a timeout with Steve Davis Jr., founder of Strive Higher After Sports and former college football player. Learn how football impacted Steve’s life on and off the field, and why community has played such an important role throughout his journey. Plus, learn what advice he shares about transitioning into life after sports and what he’s taken with him from his athletic experience.


Episode 56: Timeout with Seby Balan

Call a timeout with entrepreneur & podcast host, Seby Balan. He joins us to talk about how sports made an impact on his life and how those skills play a role in his work today. Plus, Seby shares what inspired him to become an entrepreneur and to start a podcast, and offers his advice to fellow athletes about approaching life after the game. 


Episode 55: Timeout with Aswand Cruickshank

Call a timeout with Aswand Cruickshank, author, entrepreneur & podcast host. Aswand joins us to talk about how sports made an impact on his life and how those skills helped him launch into the world of entrepreneurship. Plus, he shares what inspired him to become an entrepreneur, and his advice to fellow athletes about life after the game. 


Episode 54: Timeout with Ivy Watts

Call a timeout with Ivy Watts, mental health empowerment speaker, author and mental health advocate. Ivy joins us to share what she learned from her track and field career and how she has navigated her own mental health throughout her life. Plus, she talks about the importance of sharing her story and her advice for athletes who may be struggling to manage everything being thrown their way. 


Episode 53: Timeout with Michael Willett

Call a timeout with Michael Willett, former college football player and Founder of WalkOn Nation. Michael shares why football played such an important role in his life and how he has navigated the journey into life after sports. He also explains why he works to support student-athletes in finding their identity outside of sport.


Episode 52: Timeout with April Sykes

Call a timeout with April Sykes, former WNBA player turned skills development trainer, mental health advocate and founder of Sykes Serenity. April shares why basketball played such an important role in her life and how she’s dealt with mental health challenges. She also explains why being an advocate and sharing her story is so important, and gives important advice for athletes who are struggling with mental health.


Episode 51: Timeout with Dr. Sarah Lepe

Call a timeout with Dr. Sarah Lepe, podcast host, author and the Founder of Rebranded Athlete where she serves as an Athlete Transition Coach! Learn how the skills Sarah learned as a collegiate volleyball athlete play a role in her work today, and how she got started as an entrepreneur. Plus, hear her advice on navigating your identity as an athlete and what's next after sports! 


Episode 50: Timeout with Rob Finkelstein

Call a timeout with Rob Finkelstein, CEO and Founder of Alumni Direct and the host of the Athletes to Entrepreneurs Podcast. Find out what inspired Rob to become an entrepreneur and why he is so passionate about supporting athletes in life after sports. Plus, learn more about what inspired him to start his podcast around athlete entrepreneurship!


Episode 49: Timeout with Marques Ogden

Call a timeout with Marques Ogden, International Keynote Speaker, Business Coach and Consultant, Podcast Host of the “Get Authentic With Marques Ogden Show” and former NFL player. Learn how his athletic career prepared him for the work he’s doing today. Plus, hear his advice for other athletes on navigating what’s next after the game.


Episode 48: Timeout with Jonathan Gustave

Call a timeout with Jonathan Gustave, a Sports Mental Health Therapist. Find out what lessons Jonathan learned from sport and the impact it’s made on who he is today. Plus, hear more about his work supporting athletes in their mental health journeys and why it’s such an important piece of navigating life after sports.


Episode 47: Timeout with LaToya Fisher

Call a timeout with LaToya Fisher, former college basketball player and now sport for development and recreational professional. Find out what lessons LaToya learned from sport and the impact it’s made on who she is today. Plus, hear more about her journey into what’s next, how she navigates life after sports, and what she’s learned about making an impact.


Episode 46: Timeout with Edward Jones II

Call a timeout with Edward Jones II, host of the Player Development Podcast and Founder of Beyond the Field.

Find out what lessons he took from sport into his work in player development today. And hear the advice he has for athletes and administrators around preparing for life outside of the game!


Episode 45: Timeout with Dr. Derrick Burgess

Call a timeout with Dr. Derrick Burgess, orthopedic surgeon and host of the incredible podcast, TimeOut with the SportsDr.

Hear how Derrick used his own experience as an athlete navigating injury to enter the medical field. Plus, learn how he works to support athletes in their health and wellness both on and off the field, and why he loves being a podcast host.


Episode 43: Timeout with Cam F Awesome

Call a timeout with Cam F Awesome, former boxer and Founder of Awesome Talks!

Find out how he used sport as a tool to help him create opportunities for life after the game. Plus, learn the lessons that Cam gained from his journey that he shares with audiences around the country!


Episode 42: Timeout with Andre Fluellen

Call a timeout with Andre Fluellen, Co-Founder of Beyond the Game Network and former NFL player!

Find out what lessons Andre took away from football and the impact the sport has made on who he is today. Plus, learn how he and his team were able to build Beyond the Game Network into the incredible organization it is today, providing opportunities for incredible founders and entrepreneurs.


Episode 41: Timeout with Kelly Conheeney

Call a timeout with Kelly Conheeney, assistant women's soccer coach at Manhattan College and former pro soccer player!

Find out why she shares her journey through concussions and athletic retirement and how she’s navigating life after the game.


Episode 40: Timeout with Jonathan Jones

Call a timeout with Jonathan Jones, Host of Your Podcast Mentor and former college basketball player!

Find out the lessons sport taught Jonathan about life and learn what he does in the podcasting space to help provide a platform to others.


Episode 39: Timeout with Chineze Nwagbo

Call a timeout with Chineze Nwagbo, Director for PeacePlayers Baltimore, Co-Host of the PeacePlayers’ Play it Forward Podcast and former pro basketball player.

Find out the lessons sport taught Chinny about life and learn how knowing who she is and surrounding herself with people who wanted to support her opened doors to opportunities in her next chapter. Plus, hear advice for those looking to make a difference in their communities.


Episode 38: Timeout with Reid Meyer

Call a timeout with the CEO of Athletes to Athletes and former college baseball player.

Learn how Reid used his own experience struggling with burnout and mental health issues in his college baseball career to create an organization helping high school athletes find schools that are the most holistic fits for them.


Episode 37: Timeout with Shikha Tandon

Call a timeout with the Director of Partnerships for SVEXA and 5-time gold medal winning swimmer for the Indian Olympic team.

Learn how Shikha uses her platform as an athlete to have conversations and support sports and education in India, and how her athletic experience has set her up for success in her work today.


Episode 36: Timeout with Jeermal Sylvester

Call a timeout with former pro basketball player and founder of Beauty 4 Ashes.

Learn how Jeermal uses his platform as an athlete to have a real impact on the youth who he mentors and why he works so hard to mentor the next generation. 


Episode 35: Timeout with Hugh Roberts

Call a timeout with pro soccer player, social justice advocate, and founder of the Back Yard Footy podcast.

Learn how Hugh uses his platform to have conversations and support issues he cares about, and why he works so hard to inspire change in his community.


Episode 34: Timeout with Marcus Alston

Call a timeout with former former D1-AA football player and founder of Athlete Haven.

Learn how how Marcus’ time as an athlete impacted his life off the field, and why he works so hard to bring mentorship, education and support to athletes around mental health.


Episode 33: Timeout with Quentin Williams

Call a timeout with Quentin "Q" Williams, former baseball player and NCAA athlete, now leadership coach. Learn how Quentin’s sports career has impacted his life off the field, and why he believes connecting within yourself can help you reach your full potential.


Episode 32: Timeout with Jazmine Highsmith

Call a timeout with Jazmine Highsmith, former DI track and field athlete and founder of Female Athletes Rock (@femaleathletesrock). Learn about the impact track and field has made on her life and what inspired her to become an advocate for women athletes.



Episode 31: Timeout with Jack Beer

Call a timeout with Jack Beer, former Georgetown soccer player and mental health advocate. Learn more about his sports journey and what inspired him to speak out about his own mental health struggles. Plus, learn more about his work with Athletes for Hope and his new career off the field.



Episode 30: Timeout with Kelsey Ruffing

On this week's episode of Timeout with TWN, we chat with Kelsey Ruffing, Owner & CEO of Kelsey Ruffing Counseling. Learn more about her journey and what inspired her to create Kelsey Ruffing Counseling. Plus, hear her words of wisdom for athletes as they navigate what's next.



Episode 29: Timeout with Kim Hildreth

Call a timeout with Kim Hildreth, professional beach volleyball player and wellness and life coach.

Learn how Kim’s volleyball career has impacted her both on and off the court, and what inspired her to launch her own wellness coaching business to serve others.


Episode 28: Timeout with Justin Brown

Call a timeout with Justin Brown, President of Value Solutions LLC and former NFL player.

Learn how football impacted Justin and what inspired his goal of helping student-athletes find out who they are outside of their sport. Plus, hear more about his advice for athletes in preparing for what’s next.


Episode 27: Timeout with Natalie Hummel

Call a timeout with Natalie Hummel (@everykidsportsfounder) of @everykidsports.

Learn how Natalie found her purpose in providing access to young people to sports programs. Plus, hear how her own experience as an athlete prepared her for her work today! 


Episode 26: Timeout with Amanda McGrew

Call a timeout with Amanda McGrew, former NCAA DI basketball player, and  founder of @Playoffdatingapp!

Learn how basketball impacted who she is today, and what inspired her to become an entrepreneur. Plus, learn more about her work with the Playoff Dating App and her advice to athletes navigating life after sports!


Episode 25: Timeout with Matt Rogers

Call a timeout with Matt Rogers, a former swimmer for USA Swimming, coach, and now a recruiter for a financial firm in NY!

Learn how swimming has impacted his life as an athlete and coach and how he has trained athletes to reach their highest potential. Plus, hear his advice on translating skills rooted in athletics into your next chapter.


Episode 24: Timeout with Taj Dashaun

Call a timeout with Taj Dashaun, former NCAA DI football player turned athlete transition coach, author, speaker and host of the Thrive After Sports and The Power of Story podcast!

Learn how football taught him some important life lessons that he’s still using today, and how he’s now supporting athletes in sharing their stories through Self Publish in 30 Days. Plus, hear his advice to athletes at any level who want to prepare to “thrive after sports!”


Episode 23: Timeout with Tully Bevilaqua

Call a timeout with Tully Bevilaqua, former WNBA basketball player, Olympic Gold medalist, FIBA world champion, and now basketball commentator!

Hear some of the lessons she’s learned from sports that she has used in her endeavors outside of the game. Plus, Tully shares some great advice for athletes about preparing for what’s next!


Episode 22: Timeout with Erika Fay

Call a timeout with Erika Fay, Founder of Maximum Achievement Coaching, endurance athlete and former swimmer and water polo player!

Hear how Erika is empowering athletes to live on purpose through her coaching work. Plus, hear her advice for athletes on how to discover purpose and embrace a growth mindset!


Episode 21: Timeout with Toccara Ross

Call a timeout with Toccara Ross, pro basketball player, advocate, writer, and publisher!

Learn about Toccara's work off the court, speaking and mentoring athletes about how to use sport as a vehicle to overcome huge obstacles and her new consulting brand ‘Toccara Renee’ where she creates a safe space for underrepresented communities to tell their stories. Plus, hear her advice to athletes on taking control of their platform and creating a legacy for the next generation.


Episode 20: Timeout with Cory Camp

Call a timeout with Cory Camp, former DI swimmer turned personal performance coach.

Learn how he navigated his journey from swimming to entrepreneur and how he’s used that experience to holistically support other athletes in their next chapters. Plus, hear his advice for fellow athletes on how to create real impact and approach what’s next.


Episode 19: Timeout with Kristoffer Doura

Call a timeout with Kristoffer Doura, former NFL player turned financial planner.

Hear about his transition from athlete to finance expert and why he's prioritized community involvement and philanthropy in his next chapter! Don’t miss his advice to athletes about building legacy and leveraging your sports experience to create what’s next


Episode 18: Timeout with Dr. Jen Welter

Call a timeout with Dr. Jen Welter, an established female trailblazer, sports pioneer, and now author of the new book series Critter Fritter.

Hear how Jen’s historic journey through sports has prepared her to cultivate leaders and motivate audiences around the world. Plus, hear how her focus on identity and the importance self discovery helped her create paths outside of sports.


Episode 17: Timeout with Sivonnia DeBarros

Call a timeout with Sivonnia DeBarros, Creator of What Are You Sporting About and Founder of SL DeBarros Law Firm.

Learn how her experience playing sports impacted her drive and commitment to supporting athletes in their business endeavors today. Plus hear her advice for athletes for navigating life after sports.


Episode 16: Timeout with John Register

Call a timeout with John Register, a Paralympic Silver medalist, Gulf War veteran, and TEDx speaker.

Learn more about what being a global sports ambassador means to him, how he started his company Inspired Communications, and more!


Episode 15: Timeout with JT Thomas III

Call a timeout with JT Thomas III, former NFL Player, accredited investor, independent consultant, and founder of the JT Thomas Foundation.

Hear the lessons football taught JT about life after the game, and how he aims to create impact beyond just the bottom line. Plus, learn how he works to create opportunities for the next generation of young people through sports and education. 


Episode 14: Timeout with Sara Wegmann

Call a timeout with Sara Wegmann, Founder of Her Next Play, competitive tennis athlete, and former soccer player at Lawrence University.

Learn how her experience playing sports created a passion for supporting the leadership development of female athletes and spurred the creation of Her Next Play. Plus, hear her advice on how to make time to start thinking about professional opportunities outside of the game!


Episode 13: Timeout with Jordan Murrell

Call a timeout with Jordan Murrell, pro soccer player and Owner of MIG, Inc.

Hear how he’s used the skills he’s learned on the field to build his new venture, MIG, Inc. and what inspired his interest in real estate. Plus, hear his advice to fellow athletes and his younger self about setting yourself up for success in life after the game.


Episode 12: Timeout with Thane Marcus Ringler

Call a timeout with former pro golfer turned writer, speaker and development coach Thane Marcus Ringler.

Hear how the lessons he learned from golf translated naturally to supporting others in achieving their highest goals. Plus, don’t miss the advice he gives for athletes looking to create impact in life after sports!


Episode 11: Timeout with Myriam Glez

Call a timeout with Myriam Glez, Founder and CEO of Athletes Soul and two-time Olympian in synchronized swimming.

Learn how her journey to the Olympics and beyond influenced who she is today and what inspired her to start Athletes Soul. Plus, hear how Myriam’s sports experience helped her succeed in the “sport of business”! 


Episode 10: Timeout with Charma Harris

Call a timeout with Charma Harris, HR consultant and former sprinter for Syracuse Track & Field.

Learn how running track influenced who she is today and what inspired her career path. Plus, hear how Charma’s experience as an athlete prepared her for life after sports!


Episode 9: Timeout with Carolyn Moos

Call a timeout with Carolyn Moos, former WNBA Basketball Player and Founder of Fit for Living Life.

Learn how sports made an impact on Carolyn’s work today and what inspired her to move to help other athletes reach their goals! 


Episode 8: Timeout with Jonathan Van Horn

Call a timeout with Jonathan Van Horn of Athletes In Action and SHIFT. Hear how his love of soccer influenced his work after the game - supporting pro players with their lives off the pitch.

Plus, learn what skills he gained from sports that he uses today in his career endeavors.


Episode 7: Timeout with Krystal Beachum

Call a timeout with Krystal Beachum, former collegiate basketball player and founder of Student Athletes Unite. Learn what inspired her to become an entrepreneur and support other aspiring student athlete entrepreneurs through Student Athletes Unite.

Plus, hear Krystal’s advice on the keys to creating unique opportunities outside the game!


Episode 6: Timeout with Qiana Martin

Call a timeout with Qiana Martin, former professional soccer player and founder of Eat Soccer. Learn how sports impacted her life and how she transitioned to what's next.

Plus, hear how an unexpected ACL injury resulted in Eat Soccer.


Episode 5: Timeout with Ben Troupe

Call a timeout with Ben Troupe, former NFL Player and current ESPN radio host. Learn how football provided a community of support that helped him grow and develop as a person both on the field and in life.

Plus, hear about what he’s been working on during quarantine!


Episode 4: Timeout with Malcolm Lemmons

Call a timeout with Malcolm Lemmons of Players Point Sports, Learn about how basketball shaped who he is today and what skills he's using from sports in his endeavors outside of the game.

Plus, learn more about his new book, Impact Beyond the Game, and how he supports athletes in building influence and creating legacy!


Episode 3: Timeout with Akin Ayodele  

Call a timeout with Akin Ayodele of Eagle Rock Wealth Management and the Dream Builders Foundation. Learn how being an athlete helped set him up for success and how he transitioned to being a financial professional and philanthropist.
Plus, hear how his experiences helped him in his various endeavors and his advice to other athletes in life after the game!

Episode 2: Timeout with Courtney Place  

Call a timeout with Courtney Place of SEE US Movement. Learn how playing sports helped her build relationships and how she created the SEE US Movement.
Plus, hear how her experience as an athlete taught her valuable skills and her advice to other athletes in life after the game!

Episode 1: Timeout with Amobi Okugo  

Call a timeout with Amobi Okugo of A Frugal Athlete.
Learn how playing soccer impacted who he is today and what inspired him to start A Frugal Athlete.
Plus, hear how his experience as an athlete has opened doors to career opportunities outside the game!

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