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Join Tackle What's Next, Startup Grind Baltimore, Beck Bode, and Jersey Filmmaker for a conversation building relationships. Your network is key to reaching your goals. It's important to grow and diversify your circle of influence.

Learn from two former athletes the importance of maintaining your network and how to use it effectively to propel you forward in your career. Find out how to keep the momentum in your relationships over the summer months. Hear advice and tips on how to make networking work well virtually.


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Financial Advisor, Beck Bode

Former Pro Baseball Player

Matt turned his five years in the minor leagues with the Royals into a lifetime of helping athletes with their money.

Baseball changed his life. It brought him places he never could have imagined, quite literally - living in Idaho Falls, Idaho, was not a bucket list item for him. And it made him into the man he is today: a man of faith, a husband, a dad of five kids, a leader in business and the community, and a financial advisor for high performing individuals, many of whom are current and former athletes.

Today he runs an athlete-focused financial advisory practice at Beck Bode, a registered investment advisor in the Greater Boston Area, where every day he coaches his clients on putting their hard earned dollars to work for them.

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Owner & Creator, Jersey Filmmaker

Former Pro Baseball Player

Part passion, part insanity… Anthony started his company while playing baseball mixing his love for sports and storytelling to build a brand synonymous with innovation and creative excellence. With help from teammates, family and friends- he co-starred in and produced one-of-a-kind content ranging from comedic sketches to short features to documenting historical moments in sports history. Gaining experience in cinematography, editing, vfx composition and sound design, he used his platform to develop a niche in filmmaking and a creative game plan that has taken him all over the world.  

Upon retiring from baseball, Anthony shifted his efforts to the other side of the camera and aligned a roster of all-star directors, cinematographers, producers, editors and audio specialists to take on projects of every scale and genre. He now brings his vision and creatively to a larger audience and variety of programming opportunities. Nine innings of baseball turned to ten years of production to a lifetime of doing what you love…

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Chapter Director, Startup Grind Baltimore

Founder & CEO, JSFreedman

Jeff is a marketing and operations guru, having spent the past two decades guiding companies from concept to implementation as well as facilitating the growth of existing products and platforms. A native Baltimorean, he is committed to helping local businesses build and grow. He evaluates teams for inefficiencies, works with them to implement adjustments and tools to help them operate in a more productive manner and improves the acquisition and retention of customers. This allows owners to focus on developing, improving and fulfilling the core products and/or services, helping companies not only succeed, but accelerate their growth and prosper.

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Founder & CEO, Tackle What's Next

Danielle Berman has dedicated her career to helping athletes understand their full potential. She believes that athletes should be supported as individuals with unique skills, passions and interests rather than a cog in the sports industry machine.

That's why she founded Tackle What’s Next, where she serves as CEO, to provide athletes with the structure, community and accountability they need to be successful in all aspects of life after the game. Tackle What’s Next aims to provide athletes with a safe space to discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with transitioning out of sport, plus share important resources that can help. Danielle is a super connector and finds so much joy in connecting people to the contacts and resources they need to reach their goals.

Danielle has worked with both current and former college and pro athletes for nearly a decade and is passionate about helping every one of them achieve their goals outside of sport.


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