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NIL has been in play for one year. What have we learned over this time? Where do we see NIL moving in the future? What resources are out there that athletes need to have at their fingertips right now? TWN is teaming up with Team Altemus and Anomaly Sports on a conversation to try to answer these questions and check in on where NIL is going and how to best take advantage of it.



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Leader, Sports Law Practice Group, LLC | Co-Executive Director, College Basketball Parents Association (CBPA) 

Luke leads the Sports Law Practice Group. As a non-agent sports attorney, he brings a well-rounded approach to the challenges athletes face at any phase of their career. Working with an athlete’s team of advisors, he provides the essential, objective and balanced counsel necessary to leverage the matter at hand.

Luke regularly advises a range of clients – from student athletes transitioning into professional sports, professional athletes navigating life on a team, to retiring athletes creating the game plan for their life after sports – on matters including marketing contract analysis, immigration issues, investment opportunity due diligence, asset protection, real estate development, brand and mark protection, as well as trust and estates.

Luke is co-executive director of the College Basketball Parents Association (CBPA), an organization focused on educating and providing resources to NCAA college basketball parents. He is also the host of the podcast, Protecting Your Possibilities and leads the educational advisory firm, Anomaly Sports Group.

Prior to joining Porter Wright, Luke served as a legal manager in the mergers and acquisitions area, and director of business development at The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company.

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CEO & Founder, TeamAltemus

Courtney started TeamAltemus in 2017 to provide financial advisor due  diligence and financial literacy education to athletes. After a few decades on  Wall Street, first as an investment banker then private wealth manager,  Courtney decided to start her own unbiased business that doesn’t manage  money nor is it associated with any companies that do.  

Courtney brings a unique and valuable skill set of extensive study and  experience in finance (MBA Finance) and human behavior (BS Organizational  Behavior Management, English minor). She believes that without being able  to empathize with and understand an individual, all the financial knowledge in  the world isn’t going to help that individual achieve their financial goals.  

As a Director of Wealth Management, she had helped professional athletes  make investment decisions for years but only after educating them extensively  about finances. The endless and sad stories of athletes going broke and/or  being defrauded by other investment advisors was frustrating to watch since  Courtney had been able to help so many athletes avoid those pitfalls. She  realized the only way to reach more athletes was to release her securities  licenses and create a new space. 

TeamAltemus, instead of managing assets, helps clients vet and monitor their  advisors. The team also teaches financial literacy and financial advisor due  diligence to collegiate student-athletes. TeamAltemus wants to change the  narrative and ensure that only positive stories are associated with athletes  and money.  

During her investment career, Courtney worked at Barclays, Lehman  Brothers, Credit Suisse and DLJ. She began her career at Wells Fargo in  commercial and investment banking. She has served on the Alumni and  Business Advisory Boards at La Salle University and as an advisor to the  World Series of Entrepreneurship.


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