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April 23rd, 2020  

Hear from the SteadyMD professionals about opportunities to stay healthy, fit and productive during the sports hiatus. Plus, learn from former pro wakeboarder, Alexa Score, and brand development professionals how you can build your brand as an athlete from home.




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TV Host | Former Pro Wakeboarder

Alexa Score is a professional wakeboarder, TV host, and cancer survivor. Born and raised in small-town Minnesota, she comes from humble Midwestern roots but now splits time between Orlando, Florida and Minneapolis, Minnesota when she's not traveling the world to film, speak, and pursue other various endeavors.

She’s currently a TV personality for the Minnesota Vikings, host of Made for the Outdoors (Sportsman Channel and Fox Sports Networks), host of Destination Polaris (Fox Sports Networks), and a member of The CW Twin Cities on-air crew. Alexa uses her leukemia diagnosis to help encourage others to live healthy, active lifestyles and to strive towards their goals despite setbacks.

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Director of Business Development, SteadyMD


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Family Physician, Nutrition Coach, Crossfit Level 1 Certified Trainer, SteadyMD 

Hi, Iʼm Dr. Nick Nwabueze, a board-certified Family Medicine physician. I completed medical school at the Ohio State University College of Medicine (go Buckeyes!) and finished my internship and residency at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital in Illinois.

In my opinion, medical school underprepares doctors to help people make significant health improvements through their nutrition and other lifestyle changes. I am passionate about learning more about how diet and movement affects overall health. I recently started my nutrition coach certification through Precision Nutrition. I also have personal experience with several dietary guidelines including eating paleo, keto, intermittent fasting (16/8, 20/4, and 23/1 fasting/eating windows), and Whole30. I stress the importance of whole foods consumption and calorie deficit with my patients if they are trying to lose weight.

I have been a part of the CrossFit community since 2011 and hold a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate which I use to coach classes in my spare time. I love CrossFit because thereʼs an element of continuous learning. You can never truly master anything but you can persistently become better and better. Before Crossfit, I used to lift weights at my local YMCA. I also have a background in martial arts (black belt in TaeKwonDo and training in judo, jujitsu, and Krav Maga). In my free time I love trying new restaurants, staying active and creating new health themed videos for my YouTube Channel!

I recently completed a Tough Mudder, but Iʼm interested in doing the Spartan Race in the future! I believe that the healthiest patients are those who work together with their doctors to form a longterm plan for their health. I love SteadyMD because I can spend more time with patients, developing real relationships with a potential to make lasting changes.


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