Controlling What You Can Control

mindfulness Jul 15, 2020

This year has been a test of patience and faith. We've lost so much control over our routines, how we work and spend time with family, where we can go and what we can do because of the pandemic. But we haven't lost control of everything. 


We still have control over our actions, our mindset and our temperament. We can control whether we choose to stay home or go out. We can choose whether to treat people with kindness or take our frustrations out on them.


We can choose to look for the positive or choose to become overwhelmed with all the negative around us. And we still have control over how we present ourselves. We can control the information we learn and how we use our time. 


Everyone is anxious about what's next. To the athletes reading this, you are probably asking yourself questions like: will we have a fall sports season? Will I get a chance to play? Will my family and I stay healthy? There is so much that’s out of our control. But what we can control is how we prepare for whatever is coming. 


Are you growing your brand and online presence? Have you taken some time to make a budget for yourself? Are you connecting with people who can help you expand your network and your opportunities? Focusing on what you can do helps to ease the anxiety of not knowing what's coming. When it's time to hang up your cleats, you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore and consider. The question is, will you be prepared? 


Focus on what you can control and how you can improve yourself each day. Take advantage of the time and resources you have in front of you. And remember, you have so much valuable experience from playing sports. Those skills are what will get you the opportunities you want. 


You are more prepared for what's next than you think!