Pay Yourself First Isn’t Just Financial Advice

Sep 14, 2020

You’ve likely heard the saying “pay yourself first” before. It's one of the most important pieces of financial advice you can follow. But many of us don’t listen. We cover our expenses and then our savings are an afterthought. 

This also translates to other areas of life. How many times have we had projects due for others that we prioritize over the work we...

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Developing Healthy Routines Post Sports

Jun 22, 2020


When you are playing sports, creating a healthy routine is pretty straightforward. You’ve got a practice and game schedule, and typically you have a workout schedule that fits in there too. Everything else falls into place around that. 

But when you leave sports (or when sports are on pause) it can be harder to create a routine on your own that you can actually stick to....

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Managing Productivity Guilt

Apr 15, 2020

Make time for free time during the sports hiatus. 

The pressure to be productive during this pandemic can be overwhelming. As important as it is to take advantage of this time and use it wisely, that doesn't mean you have to be doing so every second of every day.

There is a lot going on in the world, and a lot of emotions you might be going through, from anxiety and fear to cabin...
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Staying Productive During Social Distancing

Mar 25, 2020

1. Stick to a routine.
The best way to stay productive is to have a schedule. Get up, get dressed and get ready for your day, just as you would if you had to show up somewhere outside of your house.

2. Work out. 
There is nothing better for productivity than a good workout during a time when you can't leave the house. Whether you go for a walk or run outside, or join a virtual workout...

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