What Are Your Core Values?

Sep 07, 2020

Imagine you are in a job interview. The person across the desk says, “What values matter most to you?” If you’ve never thought about your core values before, this can be a really challenging question. Taking time to understand what matters to you and what your driving principles are can help you grow and move forward in many ways. 

You can better understand if a job...

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Why Telling Your Story Matters

Jun 15, 2020

These days, content is king. And everyone seems to be putting more and more of it out there. So if you have something to say, how do you stand out among the millions of messages being sent out? The best way to cut through the noise is with a powerful story. 

Storytelling is an important skill to have in your tool belt. It creates a memorable message and compels people to pay attention....

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Effective Athlete Activism

Jun 10, 2020

Athlete activism has become a common buzzword in today’s highly volatile political environment. Especially as the country and the world rallies around Black Lives Matter and the important cause of racial justice, it’s time to better understand how to use your voice as an athlete to make a difference. 

As an athlete you have a voice that people will listen to. People...

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Spring Clean Your LinkedIn Profile

May 06, 2020
A few quick tips on how to spruce up your LinkedIn.

1. Refresh your experience. 
Did you graduate? Change jobs or finish up an internship? Make sure your profile is up to date with all your experience thus far. 

2. Add a cover photo. 
Preferably a picture of you speaking or attending an event, getting interviewed or working in your area of interest/excellence. You can...
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