Why You Should Embrace Learning New Things

mindfulness personal development professional development Jul 10, 2023

Sometimes learning new things can be stressful or overwhelming. You might feel inadequate, or you might not appreciate being a rookie again. But it’s actually good for you when you have to learn new skills and approach things from a new perspective. Learning is an important part of growth and something you should embrace each day. 

If you don’t embrace learning, you can’t grow and progress. Think about it from a sports perspective - if you don’t continue to practice and learn new skills, will you advance to the next level? Learning new things and being open to doing so is an important skill and valuable asset for you in life in the game and life outside of the game. 

Learning allows you to engage from a new perspective. 

When you are open to learning, you are focused more on the journey than the result. Instead of obsessing over what you might not yet know, you can instead focus on what you can learn that will help you improve. It’s not about being an expert right away, or even being an expert at all. Learning is about simply being open to getting started and making regular progress. 

Learning inspires you to engage with others in new ways. 

When you learn new things, it can help you grow as individuals, as well as grow as a team. Think about how you approach a sports practice. Do you want everyone to come to practice with a mindset that they already know as much as they need to know, or would you rather everyone be embracing a growth mindset, and working to improve on their skill sets? 

It also is a great way to highlight your teammates’ strengths. If you see a teammate is really improving in his or her speed work, you can learn from what they do, or work with them to grow your own skill set. Or, if a teammate is struggling with a skill you’re particularly strong in, you can reach out to help them improve. By being open and embracing the learning process, you can inspire those around you to do the same. 

Learning can help you better show up every day.

Taking time to learn new things is a great way to engage your brain in a different way. It’s a creative way to take a break from your regular routines and add in a perspective. This can help you come back to the table more focused and honed in on those things you’re already confident and knowledgeable about. 

Learning new things can add to the creativity and inspiration in your day, and can help you avoid getting in ruts from your routine. Plus, it can enhance your perspective and allow you to bring added knowledge into what you’re already doing. 

Embracing the act of learning new things is an important skill you’ll need to use throughout your life. Life doesn’t stop changing and you will always be in a situation where something is new. By keeping an open mind and being willing to learn new things, you can continue to grow, stay flexible and approach change from a positive perspective.


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