Three Keys to Improve Your Relationship with Money

financial taryn bushrod Aug 18, 2020

 By: Taryn Bushrod, Founder of Taryn's World

The study of the mind and money is fascinating but it can also be painful depending upon your experiences. Some people have a lot of trauma related to money which is a direct correlation to the way they interact with and relate to money. On the other hand, some people have money memories that are filled with positive and happy thoughts.

Everyone comes to a point in life where they have to get a sense for their attitude and behaviors towards money to increase their financial intelligence and money management abilities. Here are three keys to help you get started with improving your relationship with money.

Key #1

You may see the term “relationship with money” and wonder what that really means. You can start by asking yourself, what does money mean to you? Take some time to reflect on your oldest memory of money. Reach deep into your subconscious and go back as far you can to the first time you saw money and held it in your hands.

Think about the things you remember hearing about money. What are some common sayings you heard when you were a child?. One of the most common money clichés is money doesn’t grow on... I’m pretty sure you know the rest which subconsciously has a lasting effect on your relationship with money.

Think about the role money played in your upbringing. Was it a stressor for you and your family or a stress reliever? Did your family give you money and buy you the things you wanted or did you eventually stop asking because you knew the answer would be “no”?

Key #2

Now that you have identified some of your hidden emotions, the next step is to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.

Going back to “money doesn’t grow on trees”, you can replace that with “money flows to me easily and abundantly.” If you’re not one for affirmations then you may find this weird at first but just remember that whatever you focus on expands. Even if you think those money clichés have no impact on you I will tell you they are indeed money blockers, so do yourself a favor and recite positive money affirmations.

If your memories are filled with positive thoughts then consider yourself lucky because you are one step closer to financial independence and owning your life. Yet you still need money affirmations for positive reinforcement.

Key #3

The basis of this discovery process is to lead you to a place of boosting your financial intelligence and ultimately improving your relationship with money. By doing so you’ll make better decisions and find ways to preserve and multiply your earnings.

Reading books such as Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ecker and The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko are classics and great reads for your financial IQ.

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