MHAM Revisit: Prioritize Your Mental Health

accountability mental health mindfulness personal development professional development May 24, 2021

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we are revisiting some of our favorite Playbook Blogs that focus on prioritizing ourselves and our own needs.

Last week we highlighted: Creating Boundaries to Support You

Next up: Prioritize Your Mental Health

"There are a lot of factors that play into figuring out what’s next in life after the game. One of the most crucial pieces is the mental side. Many times mental health takes a back seat because of the stigma around being vulnerable. But asking for help and being vulnerable is a sign of strength- not weakness. So how do we start to prioritize our mental health?  

Our Athlete Identity and Mental Health Summit took this topic on in three incredible conversations with fantastic speakers. Here are some of the lessons we learned from them.


Remember that you are more than an athlete, remember that mental health struggles are not a weakness, it’s strong to reach out for help and know that opening up can allow others to open up as well. You never know what other people are going through."
- Natalie Allport, Founder, 93 Agency, Former Canadian National Team Snowboarder

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