The Power of Being Present

health and wellness mindfulness personal development professional development Aug 23, 2021

Have you ever found yourself constantly thinking about the next thing? You’re in a meeting and the only thing you can think about is all the work you have to do, or the presentation you have to make in class later that day. Stressful right?  

It can be really hard to stay in the moment and live in the present when life is constantly changing. Preparing for the future is important, but being able to be fully present in your life is equally so. How does being present make a difference? 

You can create stronger relationships.

Whether it’s work or in your personal life, if you are able to truly stop and listen to someone and what they are saying to you, you will be able to form a much stronger relationship with that person. 

Being able to hear what someone is saying and respond is a skill. Whether it’s your boss going over a project, a professor sharing an important tip in class, your best friend talking about a really bad day, or your coach telling you how to improve your speed, listening matters. 

You can go through life never really listening. You’re half listening - either on your phone, scrolling through social media feeds or lost in thought about something you care about. This can harm your relationships because you don’t remember what that friend told you about their day, or what your boss wanted you to do once you finish that project. It can create frustration and sometimes distrust because you simply didn’t take the time to listen and pay attention. 

You can achieve better results. 

If you can live in the moment and pay attention to what is going on around you and what you are supposed to be doing, you will absolutely achieve better results. You also can allow creativity to seep in and enhance your work. 

Think about it this way - if you are running out of the locker room at the start of the game and your head is focused elsewhere, will you excel on the field or court? Probably not. You should approach each situation in your day with presence of mind, just like you aim to do with your sport. Pay attention to what is going on right now. 

Try to block out distractions (aka put down your phone!) and really hone in on what needs to be done. No one has their best game performance when their mind is a million miles away. Focus. 

You can reduce stress and worry. 

When you stop thinking so much about what is coming up, what you have to do later or the big scary project you have on your plate, you can actually enjoy what you are doing right now. Keeping the mind where you are instead of where you need to be is a great way to actually improve and make progress. 

Instead of worrying about how far behind you are, or how much you still have to do, you are focused on what you are currently doing. Progress is made when we embrace the work we need to do right now without stressing about what needs to get done later. 

So make time to meditate, do yoga, and other healthy practices that emphasize breath and keeping the mind focused on the present moment. And when you notice you’re in those social media scrolling spirals or freaking out about the future moments, take a deep breath, reset your mind to what you’re doing, listen, and be present. 


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