Prioritize YOU in What’s Next

health and wellness mindfulness personal development Mar 08, 2021

There is a lot of information out there about how to achieve something or reach a goal. From healthy workout routines to the best self care routines to everything in between, there is an overwhelming amount of information for you to review and consider on how to live a productive life. 

While some of these gurus are right and the things they suggest are important, it is also important to listen to the most important person in your life: YOU. You are a unique individual and have your own goals as well as your own needs. It is so important for you to carve out time to focus on your own growth and identity. 

With all the noise, how do you focus inward? 

Take Time to Better Understand Yourself

Just like you research and seek out experts to master a new skill, create a new routine or experience something new, you have to seek out the expert in your own happiness - and that is you. You have to consistently make time for yourself. Just you.

This can feel counterproductive and selfish because society has trained us all to focus on extrinsic things and focus exclusively on others. Time spent on just you can sometimes feel wasted, but it’s absolutely necessary. So start to focus on yourself. What do you love to do in your free time? Is there a show that you just can’t wait to watch because you can turn off and relax? Make time to do that. 

Also, spend time thinking about what you want to do after school or after your sports career. It’s not going to be something you figure out right away, but start to brainstorm what interests you have and want to explore. What strengths do you have? What do you love to do outside of sports? Start to explore those interests and identities within yourself, even if it’s just a couple hours a week. 

Be Vulnerable - Ask For Help

Once you start to better understand yourself, your strengths, your interests and your priorities, then you can start to seek out experts who can help you make it happen. 

You can’t reach your goals and create what’s next on your own. You need support from others to be successful. Just like in sports, there is a team alongside you in your life, whether they are in the game with you or behind the scenes making it all happen. 

When you do start to focus on bringing in experts, be curious. Ask questions, take notes and listen. When you are vulnerable about where your weaknesses are and where you need support, that’s when you start to build a team that prioritizes you. 

Invest in Yourself

Just as it’s important to take time to understand yourself and make time getting clear on who you are, it’s important to make a conscious investment in yourself. This can look different depending on what you need. It could be asking for help. This requires an investment of your time and often your money to be successful in working with those people.

But investing in yourself could also be carving out time on your calendar to focus on you. Carve out an hour in the morning for a workout. Carve out a couple hours in the evening to read or watch that show you love. These investments in yourself are just as important as the hours you spend working and reaching your goals. 

No one is going to advocate for you more than you. So be intentional about blocking out that time to spend with family and friends. Make a point to spend one day or even just one evening doing something for just YOU outside of work or your sport. Whether it’s a financial investment or an investment of your time, if you invest in yourself, you will see results. Others will invest in you only once you have committed to investing in yourself. 

At the end of the day, you need to prioritize YOU in what’s next. Trying to follow what works for others isn’t going to cut it. You are a unique individual walking on this earth. No one’s solution is going to work perfectly for you. So make time this week to start to prioritize you. Block off time in your calendar to start exploring what you care about, what you love, and what lights you up. Spending time on you, building your team and investing in yourself is never a wasted effort.