Spring Clean Your LinkedIn Profile

branding networking professional development May 06, 2020
A few quick tips on how to spruce up your LinkedIn.

1. Refresh your experience. 
Did you graduate? Change jobs or finish up an internship? Make sure your profile is up to date with all your experience thus far. 

2. Add a cover photo. 
Preferably a picture of you speaking or attending an event, getting interviewed or working in your area of interest/excellence. You can create custom LinkedIn cover photos too that highlight your experience and expertise. 

3. Edit your Skills section.
The skills you list here should be those that you know others can endorse you for. If your skills are outdated or more relevant to a past job, be sure to rearrange them so that they fit the opportunities you are looking for.

4. Make sure your LinkedIn Summary is on point. 
Your summary should be first person and explain your passion, skills and expertise. Don't make this a cover letter or summary of your resume. It should be relatively informal, and about 3-4 paragraphs. 

5. Be active! 
It's great to get that profile updated but you also have to be active on the site. Share an article you enjoyed reading about your industry and what stood out to you. Comment on someone else's post that you enjoyed. Connect and engage on the site so people are viewing your profile and reaching out to connect more regularly! 

6. Set a reminder to refresh your LinkedIn profile regularly.
Life gets busy and you probably aren't going to be spending time every week updating your profile. Set a reminder in your calendar every few months to do a quick sweep and make those edits.

7. Shameless Plug: Join our LinkedIn group! 
Yes! TWN has a LinkedIn group, where we share upcoming events and encourage conversations on what you are reading and putting into action in life beyond the game. We invite you to join in the conversation and share what you’re working on outside of sports and build relationships during this hiatus!