The Importance of Accountability

Apr 22, 2020

You already have the tools you need to be successful.

Goal setting is hard. Putting something out there into the world and saying "I am going to do that" is a lot easier said than done. But then that's what athletes do every day. If you've ever played competitive sports, think back to how many times you sat in a team meeting or talked to your coach and heard "our goal is to win the championship". 

Winning a championship is no different than any of the business or personal goals you set in your life. You set the goal, affirm it and speak it out loud, and then get to work making it happen. And that involves breaking things down into smaller objectives. Get in a good practice. Hit the gym. Get a good night's sleep. Eat right. Win the next game. 

If you put the same amount of commitment and focus you put into sports into your new endeavors, there is no doubt you'll be successful at setting the goals and breaking them down. But one of biggest challenges in the world outside of sports can be the lack of accountability in reaching those goals. 

It can be so easy to get distracted or fall off the path of reaching your goals without someone to stay accountable to. When you play sports, your coach is there to make sure you show up on time, put in the reps and motivate you to get the job done. Coaches make it their mission to get you in the possible shape to reach your goals. They put you in the best position to reach success but they can't play the game for you. 

Accountability is just as important in life outside of the game. Find the people you can trust with the mission of achieving your goals and stay in touch with them. Let them know when you have good days and bad days, and what help you might need.

Tell them "I am going to reach out to 5 people this week about X" or "I am going to get that proposal finished by Thursday" and ask them to check in with you at the end of the week and make sure it got done. You'll be amazed how much more motivated you are to do the job when you know someone is going to ask you how it goes. 

Something as simple as having someone hold you accountable may be the game changer you need for success outside of sports.

If you are looking for your first step into accountability, let us be your coach! Our Champion Membership aims to provide the accountability and community you need to be successful. 

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