Staying Productive During Social Distancing

Mar 25, 2020

1. Stick to a routine.
The best way to stay productive is to have a schedule. Get up, get dressed and get ready for your day, just as you would if you had to show up somewhere outside of your house.

2. Work out. 
There is nothing better for productivity than a good workout during a time when you can't leave the house. Whether you go for a walk or run outside, or join a virtual workout class in your living room, breaking a sweat will give you more energy for the day. 

3. Work at your desk, not on your couch.
It's really important to make sure that you create a workspace for yourself that is NOT a place in your home that you also relax. Avoid your couch, your bed, or your comfy lounge chair. Whether it's your kitchen table, desk, or even coffee table using your couch as a backrest, make sure you have somewhere to "go" to get work done. 

4. Take time to learn new skills. 
If you've got extra time on your hands, be sure to take advantage of it to invest in yourself. You've probably seen all the free workshops and webinars people are hosting on topics all across industries (us included!). Whether you've always wanted to start your own nonprofit or business, or you've been meaning to learn coding, now is a great time to educate yourself in some new skills. 

5. Connect with other people.
Whether it's your teammates, colleagues, friends, family members or business network, pick up the phone or hop on a zoom call. People are looking for human connection right now more than ever, so make a point to pick up the phone and call 3 people every day. 


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