Important Tools and Resources for Life After Sports

life after sports personal development professional development Sep 25, 2023

Life after sports can be a scary concept. You aren’t exactly sure what to expect or how you will feel after leaving your sport behind. There are a lot of resources out there for you to take a look at - sometimes an overwhelming amount. So what are some of the important tools and resources you should be considering around life after the game? 

Podcasts and Content. 

A great first step is to hear how others have navigated life after the game. By listening to others share their experiences and their stories, you are getting rid of some of the unknowns and the fear. You can hear some of the good and bad aspects, what to expect and some ideas of how to move forward and how to cope. It’s so important to remember that you are not alone in this process- so many athletes experience this and it’s ok to feel a bit lost in what should be next. 

Shameless plug - you can check out our Timeout with TWN show on Instagram, YouTube and Podcasts to hear how athletes have navigated life after the game. But there are so many more! 

Shows like Thrive After Sports, Beyond the Ball, What Are You Sporting About?, Athletes to Athletes Podcast and so many more offer great advice, storytelling and feedback from athletes that you can learn from right from your phone. 

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Resource Guides. 

If you are looking to do some further digging and research into life after sports, be sure to check out some of the important resources that are already out there. Organizations like Athletes Soul, Sidelined USA and The Hidden Opponent share regular resources through their social media channels and websites that you can engage with and learn from. Resource guides like this one from Sidelined USA are a great way to see what’s out there. 

A strong network. 

Start building key relationships that you can count on as you enter life after sports. Show some love to those connections you know and have worked with in your front office or athletic department. Maybe it’s the social media content manager, or the PR director, or the community relations team. These folks know you and will want to support you in your journey, so get to know them and build intentional and meaningful relationships. You never know who they know that could be a really helpful resource. 

Use the digital tools at your fingertips. Use Google to research companies that you are interested in. Use LinkedIn to find and create connections with individuals at those companies or in industries you are excited to explore. And use email, phone, Zoom and LinkedIn to keep in touch with those connections and continue to build those relationships.  

Group Coaching. 

If you aren’t necessarily sure what to jump into after sports, entering a group coaching program may be a helpful way to connect with fellow athletes and explore opportunities. Organizations like Athletes Soul and Next Play U offer impactful group coaching sessions throughout the year for current and former athletes thinking about the next chapter. 

Individual Coaching. 

A coach that can help you transition out of sports and navigate what’s next can be really helpful, especially if you want someone who can be your partner during the process. Athletes Soul offers an incredible group of former athletes who now serve as transition coaches to help you navigate what can be a challenging time. Our friends Julia Rock at Rock Career, Kim Brady of Kim Brady Business Coaching and Amanda Hazer of Amanda Hazer Coaching are other great resources. 

There are so many important resources out there, and individuals who want to help! All you need to do is give yourself some time to do some research. It takes time to better understand the opportunities that are available to you and find those resources that will best serve you. 

Remember, it’s always ok to ask for help, and reach out to your friends, teammates and others who may be able to direct you to important individuals who can support you in the process. And if you have questions on what’s out there, shoot us an email at [email protected] and our team can direct you to the right place!