The Truth About Life After Sports

goal setting personal development professional development purpose Jun 14, 2021

They say all good things come to an end, and sports is certainly one of those good things. No matter how your career as an athlete comes to a close, the only thing you can count on for sure is that one day it will end. The beauty of knowing that while you're still playing is that you can leverage the opportunities and access you have now as a current athlete to set yourself up for success in the next chapter. 

We hear a lot of rumors and stories that fly around about transitioning from sport to what’s next. So this week, we’re here to highlight the facts about entering your next chapter. 

MYTH #1: As an athlete, I’ve never done anything but play sports, so I don’t have any work experience. 

FACT: Being an athlete is a job, and a tough one at that. It takes determination, commitment, effort and discipline to excel in athletics. You will be able to tap into the skills you’ve learned and honed playing high level sports to help you succeed in whatever your next chapter holds for you. 

MYTH #2: My success in sports means I don’t need to try much in my next chapter. 

FACT: Those intangible skills may transfer over, but one thing you’ve learned as an athlete will never change - effort. Hard work and putting in the time is required in every aspect of your life. Just because you have been a successful athlete does not mean that you can succeed in other areas without a similar amount of commitment, effort and discipline. 

MYTH #3: My purpose in life is to play sports. I am nothing without my sport. 

FACT: You are so much more than your sport. You are a human being, with individual goals, hopes, interests and dreams. You now have the opportunity to better understand yourself and expand your identity outside of your sport. Now you have the freedom and opportunity to explore the possibilities of what that next purpose can be for you.

MYTH #4: I am on my own now. I have to do it all by myself. 

FACT: You have a community of fellow athletes, executives, family and friends who all want to help you succeed. You just need to ask for what you need. There are so many resources out there to support you in your next chapter. It’s now up to you to figure out what you need and who to ask for it. If you don’t know where to start, sign up for our training room today. You’ll get access to resources and advice from athletes who have been in your shoes, and a strategy session from our team to get you started on your journey. 

No matter what other myths you’ve heard about what life after sports should look like or what happens when you get there, remember this: you have the control to make it whatever you want. Prioritize YOU in that next chapter - what you want to achieve and what support you need - and you’ll be just fine. 


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