2020: A Year in Review From TWN CEO

company update Dec 21, 2020

We have made it to the end of a year that tested us in all aspects. 2020 was a year of hard choices, hard truths and abrupt changes. But 2020 was also a year of reflection, of personal growth and awareness. Despite the difficult choices that many of us had to make this year, we also got an opportunity to pause, reflect and focus on bettering ourselves. 

At Tackle What's Next, we took the impending challenges to our work, the inability to host in-person events and the significant changes to the athlete landscape as an opportunity to shift.

We pivoted as did many others - quickly changing our in-person summits to virtual ones and launching a livestream series that ran throughout the year to provide continuous and free resources to athletes and athlete development professionals. 

We created our new content series, Timeout with TWN, on Instagram to continue to highlight athletes and their experiences in navigating what's next. We piloted an internship program to provide valuable experience to aspiring sport professionals. And we kicked off our Champion Membership to provide accountability and support to athletes and sports professionals in their professional growth during this challenging time.

As many of us have learned this year, we can't go it alone. Collaboration has been the key to success for TWN, and we greatly appreciate the organizations who supported us and partnered on various events. Thanks to these many collaborations, we were able to reach many new faces and grow our network. We appreciate all the support from our friends and partners that made this all possible.  

Finally, this year we had the opportunity to develop and implement workshops on self-discovery, personal development and creating impact. We can't wait to continue to share these resources to athletes and organizations supporting athletes. 

As we look to 2021, Tackle What's Next will continue to provide resources to athletes in all stages of their careers. We believe in the power of athletes to inspire and create positive change. Our focus will continue to be on supporting those athletes dedicated to creating impact and finding purpose in life outside of the game. 

Please enjoy some of our favorite highlights from the year here. Until the new year, have a safe and healthy holiday season. Brighter days are most certainly ahead. Happy holidays! 

- Danielle Berman
Founder & CEO, Tackle What's Next